weekly photo challenge: one shot, two ways

Sunday, August 11: The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is One Shot, Two Ways.

Cheri Lucas of WordPress writes: This week, photographer Jeff Sinon talked about his process of finding the best shot. Before taking a picture, he studies his scene — looking at a shot horizontally (as a landscape) and vertically (as a portrait). With this honed, critical eye, he decides what orientation works best for his photograph.

For this challenge, capture two images — a horizontal and a vertical version — of the same scene or subject. There are no concrete “rules” here, but a) it should be evident that both shots are of the same place/location or person/thing, and b) your photographs should ideally have been taken during the same shoot.

Here are several attempts at one shot, two ways.  These pictures were taken yesterday at The Old Luckett’s Store near Leesburg, Virginia.  The Old Luckett’s store has its own blog: The Old Luckett’s Store.  The store has been around for 17 years this August.

This is a hallway full of vintage windows.  Click on any of the images to get a full-sized mini-slideshow.

Here’s another set.  This room features old stained glass or beveled glass windows.

This set was taken in one of the many rooms in Old Luckett’s Store.  I like the slanted ceiling in this room.

The last time I visited this store, probably 7-8 years ago, it had a bit of charm, but most of its merchandise was simply junk.  Now the owners have elevated the store to a new level, what they call “vintage hip,” or what I’ve heard others call “shabby chic.”  I love how there’s a Buddha in the midst of American kitsch.

the old lucketts store near leesburg

Saturday, August 10: As everyone knows by now, I hate the suburbs.  Having to fight my way through them is one of the biggest challenges I face as I settle back into life in the old U.S. of A.  Because of my continual annoyance with them, you will find me trying to escape these said suburbs as often as I possibly can.  Today, I venture out to Lucketts, near Leesburg, Virginia, 33 miles west-northwest of Washington; sadly it is becoming a bit of a suburb itself, as the Washington metropolitan area insidiously reaches its greedy fingers into the countryside.

I remember an old store I used to visit that sold a bunch of junk, The Old Lucketts Store.  The store has been around for 17 years this August.  The last time I visited it was about 7-8 years ago, before Mike and I separated and when I was still into decorating my house.

The Old Luckett's Store
The Old Lucketts Store

Before I delve into the store to explore its many treasures, I stop at the Cowbell Kitchen where I order a sandwich with local sautéed kale, mayo and cheddar.

Welcome to the Cowbell Kitchen
Welcome to the Cowbell Kitchen
Cowbell Kitchen
Cowbell Kitchen
local sauteed kale, mayo and cheddar on rye
local sautéed kale, mayo and cheddar on rye

After lunch, I make my way to the front porch.

the front porch of Old Luckett's store
the front porch of Old Lucketts store

And then I venture inside the house where I’m so excited to find so many treasures, I can hardly breathe. 🙂

I’m surprised to find the store has now metamorphosed into what decorators term “vintage hip,” what I’ve always called “shabby-chic.”  I wish I had taken photos years ago so you could see how the store has transformed itself.  It used to be that I could walk through the store and find maybe one or two items, for very cheap, that I might use in my house.  Now, I am tempted to buy everything, if only I didn’t already have a house full of “stuff.”  Sadly, I couldn’t fit one more thing into my house.  Which is a good thing financially.  Because now that the store has become trendy, its prices have gone up.

Click on any of the photos below for a full-sized slide show.

So, instead of buying any of the enticing things in this store, I just go on a picture-taking excursion, which is just as much fun as buying.

And when I venture outdoors, I find even more enticing things, set up in these little spaces that look like children’s playhouses.

The Old Luckett’s store has its own blog: The Old Lucketts Store.  Now you can even buy things online!  They really are getting with the modern age. 🙂

"Paris Market"
“Paris Market”
a little playhouse display
a little playhouse display

Across the street, I see there’s another shop, Really Great Finds, that sells yard ornaments.  I cross the dangerous Route 15 and then wander around that place for a bit.

Again, click on any of the photos below for a full-sized slideshow.

I love these kinds of places, off the beaten track, with their colorful arrays of “stuff” arranged neatly into little still life portraits. 🙂