a sunset cruise on the lake & brenda’s pizzeria

Tuesday, August 14:  Today we take the boat out and the boys go wakeboarding for quite a long time.  I don’t take my camera with me because it gets tiring trying to take action shots when the boat is bouncing all over creation.  I immediately regret it; tomorrow I can hopefully get some shots of them showing off their skills.  I have the boys eventually drop me off at the dock, where I go kayaking for a bit and then lie on the dock reading the book I just started:  It’s All Greek to Me!: A Tale of a Mad Dog and an Englishman, Ruins, Retsina-And Real Greeks

the walkway to the dock

In the evening, we take the boat out for a sunset cruise on the lake.  Our destination is Brenda’s Pizzeria, a New York-style pizza place.  We cruise quite a distance, shivering against the cold wind and dark clouds, huddling together with beach towels wrapped around us.

Alex and Adam on the dock, ready for our sunset cruise to dinner
it’s cloudy and cool on the lake tonight
beautiful houses along the lakeshore
lakeshore homes

We’re startled by a piercing beep on the boat and we realize we are almost out of gas.  We are near Brenda’s Pizzeria and there is a gas station near there, but they tell us it’s against the rules to sell gas to a jet boat!  I guess our boat is a jet boat, whatever that is.  We have to go for quite some distance in another direction and the shrill beep goes off a few more times. I’m starting to worry we won’t make it and will be stranded out on the lake with no fuel and a storm brewing.

our savior gas station!

Finally we make it to a gas station, where we buy gas from some very friendly people.  Tied to the gas dock is an ice cream boat that apparently makes the rounds around the lake at 3:00 every afternoon.

the local ice cream boat

Finally, with our full tank of gas, we arrive at Brenda’s Pizzeria, where finally we can warm up and eat some dinner.

Brenda’s Pizzeria is on the top floor, a coffee shop on the bottom
inside Brenda’s Pizzeria
a busy little place

It takes some effort to figure out a way to make a vegan pizza for the boys, but Mike and I decide to share a spinach and artichoke pizza with plenty of mozzarella on it.  In order to get no cheese, you have to “make-your-own” pizza.  We think the spinach and artichoke pizza looks just fine the way it is.

a delicious spinach and artichoke pizza, 20″ to allow for leftovers

The boys order a “make-your-own” pizza with a long list of healthy ingredients and no cheese.

the vegan pizza
me with Alex

After our delicious dinner, and boxes full of leftovers for tomorrow, we head back out to the dock, where we hop onboard and cruise back home, surrounded by a beautiful sunset.

bright kayaks at the dock
a beautiful sunset on the lake

the blue hour
Alex on the boat as we head back to Creekside Cove


Back in our cabin, we relax and the boys watch Analyze This, while I go back to reading my book, and end the day just as I began it…. sleeping.

here’s me at our Creekside Cove cabin