variations on a theme: vintage signs on the jersey shore

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme challenges us to find the endless variety that one thing can contain.ย  Here is my take on vintage signs on the Jersey Shore.ย  These were taken in winter, when most of the places were quite deserted.

Beach Shack – Cape May, NJ
Laura’s Fudge – Wildwood, NJ
Island Breeze – Wildwood, NJ
Bird of Paradise, Wildwood, NJ
Scoops, Wildwood, NJ

24 thoughts on “variations on a theme: vintage signs on the jersey shore

  1. So glad you posted these. We’ve never been to the Jersey Shore, but what you’ve shown here makes us want to go. We love vintage signs, buildings, restaurants, etc. Fave sign here: Island Breeze Motel! Oh, the tales it could probably tell!

    1. I hadn’t been to the Jersey Shore for years and it was a fun escape, as I love beach towns in winter. However, it was about 20 degrees and blustery the whole time I was there! I was freezing! I’d like to go back to Wildwood during summer to get a feel for the somewhat tacky summer theme park and beach life there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I love vintage signs, and I’m going to be more on the lookout for them in some road trips I’m taking this year. The Jersey Shore was freezing and blustery in December, when I was there. It was also quite deserted!

    1. I’m glad my signs brought back memories, Sandy. I bet when you went to Wildwood as children, it was a lot busier and alive than in the middle of December, when it was icy cold and deserted! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lovely colourful signs, but some how they look a bit sad with no crowds around them, sort of deserted city, like the Marie Celeste. Good interpretation of the theme.

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