weekly photo challenge: names

Sunday, January 8: The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge encourages us to post photos that contain names.

As my maiden name was Cathy Birdsong, I have often used the name “catbird” on my blogs.  I was in New England a couple of years ago when I came upon this aptly named studio – one I’m sadly not at all associated with.  If only I had such a studio!

catbird studiio
catbird studiio

Last year in Chincoteague, I came upon this sign that carries part of my youngest son’s name.

Adam Dutch
Adam Dutch

My oldest son’s girlfriend is named Ariana.  I found her namesake restaurant in Philadelphia – a restaurant featuring Afghanistan cuisine.  Sadly, we didn’t try it out.  And we could have had 20% off with a movie ticket!


Unrelated to any of my family, I found this boat in a Maryland marina a couple of summers ago, an ode to Miss Betty.  Berthed beside Miss Betty is The Other Woman.

Miss Betty (and The Other Woman)
Miss Betty (and The Other Woman)

And at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, MD, I found the gravestone of Elijah Jefferson Bond, creator of the Ouija Board. 🙂

13 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: names

    1. Thank you, Jude. I’ve always wanted to hang onto that name and have often figured if I ever publish my book, I’ll do it under my maiden name. I used to think it was Native American until my linguistics professor at William and Mary told me it was from German “Vogelsung!” I finally asked my dad and he confirmed. Who knows why I’d never asked him before. It was more fun thinking it was Native American! 🙂

      1. I had the same thought that it might be native American. OK, so now the question is where do your father’s family originate from then? Germany? Austria? Have you ever researched your family tree? I imagine that is the sort of project which would interest you.

  1. Cathy Birdsong, what a beautiful name! I remember two girls from my schooldays called Sheila Rainbow and Julie Diamond and thinking their names were wonderful in just the same way.

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