off to a new adventure!

Saturday, August 30:  The big day has arrived!  I’m off to the People’s Republic this evening at 5:00 on Air China.  I’ll arrive in Beijing after what I imagine will be a grueling 13 hour and 40 minute non-stop flight.  When I land at 6:40 p.m. on Sunday, August 31, I’ll spend the night in a hotel at the airline’s expense.  In the morning, I’ll catch a flight to Nanning City, Guangxi Province, People’s Republic of China, arriving at 10:40 a.m. on Monday, September 1.  I’m told that one or two of the students from Guangxi University will meet me at the airport and help me to get settled in.   I’ll be living in an apartment on the campus, and everything is supposed to be supplied for the teachers.  Supposedly we’ll be given bicycles to use, and a swimming pool is on the campus.

Though this is the third time I’ve done this, I’m still nervous.  At the same time, I’m equally excited.  I’ve read scores of books and seen numerous movies about China over the years.  I visited Beijing in the fall of 2010 for 5 days.  I lived next door in South Korea from 2010-2011.  I’ll be happy to be back in Asia again.  It’s such a different world than what I’m used to, I imagine each day I’ll be immersed in exotic and interesting experiences.

I don’t yet know the situation in China, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to blog.  If I am able to, you’ll find me at catbird in china.  It’s my understanding that Facebook and YouTube are blocked.  I guess I’ll figure it all out when I get there. 🙂

Goodbye, for now, to America!!



39 thoughts on “off to a new adventure!

    1. Thanks, Lynne. I feel much better now that I’m finally here, but I don’t start teaching for awhile yet. I just posted my first blog on my catbird in china blog. It was a huge hassle, but I finally did it! 🙂

  1. Hope you find it everything you hope for and are able to keep in touch with us one way or another. Don’t envy you the flight. I have a long one in November to Sydney – now that takes nearly 24 hours in total! Flying is no longer glamorous. Unless you can afford business class of course 😉
    Jude xx
    Take care my dear friend ❤

    1. Hey Jude! Well, I made it here safely and after much hassle, I was finally able to connect to Facebook and WordPress. I published my first post today.

      That was a long flight, but surprisingly I managed to sleep for some of it. And then I was able to spend the night in a hotel in Beijing before the second short leg to Nanning. Ouch, that flight of yours sounds horrible. I hope you won’t have to suffer too much. 🙂

  2. Exciting times! I lasted only 3 months in China but that’s because it was a horrible job teaching English to Korean students in Beijing for a crook. You are doing it the right way – a uni job! Housing and a swimming pool on campus sound like a sweet deal! God bless!

    1. Hi Andy! So nice to hear from you. I’m finally settling in here in China. The housing is a little rough around the edges (not nearly as nice as my place in Oman), but I do love that it’s on campus. And so far, I haven’t found that swimming pool. Hope it really exists!! Hopefully, I should be fine for the 10 month contract. 🙂 I was able to post my first post today on catbird in china. It was a hassle, but I made it through all the obstacles. Are you still in Oman or have you relocated to UAE?

      1. Thanks for the reply! So glad to know you’re doing well in China. I wish you all the best! I am currently awaiting paperwork to be finished in order to get me to Saudi Arabia. I know it sounds rough but it pays VERY well and the company provides 6 tickets a year. Not sure about starting an “Andy in Saudi blog” but we’ll see. Take good care and I look forward to reading all about your new adventures! 🙂

      2. Hi Andy. I can’t believe you’re going to Saudi Arabia. I guess we all entertain thoughts of going there just for the money; even I have done so. I wish you the best for sure. And I definitely think you should start an Andy in Saudi blog!! So you’re going with a company and not a university? I’d really love to hear about it for a future year. When will you arrive in the Kingdom? Best of luck, Andy. You’ve been an inspiration to me! 🙂

    1. Thanks, LuAnn. I hope it will be a great experience. I’m here now, but sadly it seems WordPress is blocked. I’m replying to your comment through my email. I hope I can find a way around it. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait till I’m home to blog. 😦

      >________________________________ > From: “nomad, interrupted” >To: >Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 10:55 PM >Subject: [nomad, interrupted] Comment: “off to a new adventure!” > > > > >

    1. Thanks, Toby. Right now it seems WordPress is blocked in China. I hope I can find a way around it; if not, I guess I won’t be able to blog about it until I get home. 😦

      >________________________________ > From: “nomad, interrupted” >To: >Sent: Monday, September 1, 2014 1:00 AM >Subject: [nomad, interrupted] Comment: “off to a new adventure!” > > > > >

      1. Yes Toby. I still get the emails about comments through my Yahoo account and can reply to the email to post the reply. But I can’t get directly on WordPress, at least not yet. I’m still working on it though!



    1. Thanks, Ron. So far, it seems WordPress is blocked here in China, so I’m not sure about blogging while here. But thanks for the good wishes. I’m enjoying taking it all in so far, though there are always the administrative challenges of getting set up in a new country. I’m really glad Spencer is enjoying his job in Kosovo. Tell him hello for me. Take care of yourself! 🙂

      >________________________________ > From: “nomad, interrupted” >To: >Sent: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 8:15 PM >Subject: [nomad, interrupted] Comment: “off to a new adventure!” > > > > >

    1. Thanks for the nomination, Debra B. You’re too kind! I’m sorry to say that I don’t do blogger nominations any more; they’re just too time consuming. But you were so nice to think of me. 🙂

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