christmas eve

Tuesday, December 24:  We have another long-standing tradition of going to my mother-in-law’s house for Christmas Eve. She lives in Vienna, Virginia and on our way to her house, we drive past the most decorated house in Vienna.

an overly decorated house in a Vienna neighborhood
an overly decorated house in a Vienna neighborhood

My mother-in-law, now 87, is on oxygen and is very frail.  Known as Nana to our children, she used to cook a feast of ham loaf and scalloped potatoes and other goodies from her Ohio past, but she’s too frail to cook these days.  It makes me sad to see her in such poor health, and so weak, and such a shadow of her former self.  She still has a big heart, though, and her poor health won’t put a dent in that.

Nana and Alex
Nana and Alex

My sister-in-law, Barbara, does most of the work this year, getting a ham and corn pudding and green beans from Whole Foods.  She buys an array of cookies and decorates the tree and the mantel (along with help from my sons).  She goes all out on wrapping presents in the most elegant and exotic paper imaginable. This year she’s decorated the tree with bird and animal ornaments.

Bailey searches under the Christmas tree for goodies
Bailey searches under the Christmas tree for goodies

Here are a few shots of our family gathering on Christmas Eve.  Again, it’s been four years since I was home for Christmas, so it’s lovely to be with family again on the holidays.


16 thoughts on “christmas eve

  1. Nana looks a pretty determined character, Cathy 🙂 Not much fun getting old and frail, though. I went to see Mick’s 97 year old auntie in the week. She’s still going strong, but her memory is shot 😦 Conversation is very trying 🙂
    Happy times together to treasure, hon. Big hug! 🙂

    1. She does seem to be a determined character. She keeps telling me to enjoy my extra weight because no matter what she does, she keeps losing weight. At least Nana still has her memory and she’s very sharp. It’s really sad when people lose their memories; sorry about your auntie. It’s been too long for me to be away; I need to stay closer to home…. Hugs to you, Jo! xxx

  2. What a lovely family post. Your mom-in-law is the same age as my mom, who is also now very frail. Beautiful Christmas decorations. Well done to Barbara. She did a great job. How wonderful to be with your family for Christmas, Cathy. 🙂

    1. It was really lovely to be back home; although given the situation with Mike’s and my unresolved marriage, I’m not so sure how happy she is to have me back…. That being said, she always been really generous and loving to me. xxx

    1. That’s so funny you recognize that house from Vienna. Did you used to live in Vienna? I used to live on Sherwood Drive off Beulah Road, but now i live at the far end of Oakton, almost near Fair Oaks Mall. Thanks for visiting and I’m glad I brought back happy memories for you. 🙂

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