wordless wednesday

2013-11-16 13.28.20


12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. This is really a no-name park, iseebeauty; it’s in my Oakton Vale neighborhood and is just a wooded area with a trail along one of the Difficult Run feeder streams. I walk often on this trail in the winter, but I’m a little nervous about doing it with this archery program in place!

    1. The deer are coming out the kazoo here, Jo. We can even see them strolling through the neighborhood as if they own the place! I guess they destroy people’s gardens and they’re also a driving hazard. When I was home over 3 years ago, I hit one by accident. I was driving along a two-lane road at about 45 mph and quite a large one bounded out of some bushes right in front of me. He bounced on my hood and then onto the hood of the oncoming car. There was no time for either of us to react, and I had some major damage to my car! I’ve heard of people getting killed in these kinds of accidents.

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