a weekend of indian summer & work, & a little walk in nature

Sunday, October 6:  The first weekend in my favorite month of October was marred by a lingering Indian summer and all-encompassing work because of midterms this week.

starting out in the evening
starting out in the evening

High humidity and temperatures in the high 80s are not exactly hiking weather, in my eyes.  No matter, I hardly had time to hike, because nearly every minute of the weekend was taken with work.  I did manage to carve out a little time to take two brisk morning walks in the neighborhood, to shop for some new (& bigger) jeans 😦 , and on Saturday night, to go to out Mom’s Organic Market for a quick dinner followed by the thriller Prisoners at the Angelika Film Center at the Mosaic District in Merrifield with Mike and Alex.

The Cross County Trail of Fairfax
The Cross County Trail of Fairfax

This evening, I was able to snatch an hour out of what was left of the weekend to go for a lovely walk along a small bit of the 40-mile long Cross County Trail (CCT) of Fairfax County, Virginia, starting in the middle of Oakton at Gabrielson Gardens Park.  The trail connects the entire county from one end to the other, over hill and vale, and through streams, meadows and urbanized landscapes (Fairfax County: The Cross County Trail).

Click on any of the images below for a full-sized slide show.

It was relaxing to walk outside and get a bit of fresh air, though it was still humid.  I could see little tinges of fall in the leaves on the path and in the stream, as well as some yellow bits on the trees.  Thank goodness a cold front is moving in tomorrow. 🙂


15 thoughts on “a weekend of indian summer & work, & a little walk in nature

    1. Yes, me too, Annette. It was lovely visiting this weekend; too bad I was still so distressed over last week. I think I’m finally starting to calm down, and am really rethinking my life at this moment. 🙂

  1. how wonderful to have these walking tracks so close by Cathy! wonderful photos and I cannot feel the heat from here …. in fact even though we have been in Cairns for five days the spring weather has been perfect, not too hot and humid …. but we are heading south today, back home in a few days 🙂

    1. Yes, Christine, it’s great to have so many walking trails nearby. I’m glad you’ve had perfect spring weather on your trip. You’re probably already back by now, but I hope you had a wonderful trip! 🙂

  2. Cathy, these look like lovely walks in beautiful areas. Perfect for Indian Summer, and your gorgeous photos really capture it. I forgot to ask, what is you new job since coming back to the States? ~Terri

    1. Sorry Cathy, I just answered my own question when I read your Classroom Management post. So sorry that the job is a pain. Have you considered transitioning to corporate training or starting your own business? ~Terri

    2. Thanks, Terri. I’m glad you’re enjoying my walks! I’m teaching ESL at Northern Virginia Community College, but that needs to change after next semester. Teaching is really not for me; unless it gives me the opportunity to be abroad. 🙂

  3. Lovely Autumn colours here Cathy. It’s not often I hear someone celebrating the approach of a cold front. We seem to have gone straight from Winter to Summer here, with no Spring weather. The temperature records are being broken day after day.

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