ode to october

Tuesday, October 1: October is my bliss, my dream.  Having lived in endless summer in Oman for the last two years, I’ve yearned for the onset of autumn in Virginia.  I love so much about October: pumpkins, gourds, leaves the color of pomegranates and oranges, pumpkin spice lattes, jack-o-lanterns & trick-or-treaters. I love farmers markets and hay rides and corn mazes.  I love driving in the Shenandoah mountains and picking apples at Stribling orchard.  I love hiking through technicolor forests in the crisp cool air.  I love Columbus Day, Halloween, and the birthday I share with Pablo Picasso on the 25th of the month. I love sleeping with my windows open, cuddled up under a warm comforter, my cheeks chilled by the cool. I love the change that it promises.

Over the years, whenever I have fallen in love, it’s been in October.  I don’t know if that will happen this year, but at least the promise of it lingers in the air.

In an ode to my favorite month of the year, I’m going to try to take at least a picture a day of the things that I love.  My work schedule is hectic beyond belief and I find it almost impossible to blog, take pictures or do anything other than work, prepare for work, mark papers and presentations, and collapse in exhaustion at the end of every weekday.  But I must carve out time to enjoy my favorite month, especially since I’ve been separated from it for three long years.

Here’s my first day of my first “real” October in three years, at a stop at Whole Foods on my way to work.

squash displays at Whole Foods
squash displays at Whole Foods
squash at Whole Foods in Fairfax
squash at Whole Foods in Fairfax
colors of October
colors of October
gourds of all colors and shapes
gourds of all colors and shapes

I wander around the store and find this freshly baked bread.  The baker behind the counter glares at me and asks if she can help.  I say, no thanks, I’m just looking … and taking pictures.  She says, “You need to get permission from Customer Service to take pictures here.”  What???  It’s a store, for god’s sake; it’s not some museum full of priceless masterpieces.  I look at her like she’s crazy; I shrug and say “No, I don’t think so!” and then I brazenly snap another picture.  What is wrong with this world when people won’t allow you take simple pictures?  No matter.  I’m not going to let her, or anyone else, ruin my October.

Fresh bread in the bakery at Whole Foods
Fresh bread in the bakery at Whole Foods

23 thoughts on “ode to october

  1. I am seeing fall anew through your eyes, Cathy. For me, there is always an underpinning of dread, no matter how beautiful the autumn leaves: winter is coming (I dislike that season so much that I would move to a two-season climate in a heartbeat, given the chance). But, it is a matter of perspective, so I’ll work on that 🙂 And the fall colors are flaring up here in the mountains and those yellow mums everywhere gather up the last intense sunshine colors for the season!

  2. love, love, love those squash and gourds! My daughter grew quite a selection on her allotment this year, just a shame I’m too far away to benefit! Perhaps the baker thought you were ‘casing the joint’ 😀

    1. Yes, maybe the baker thought I was going to make off with some freshly baked dough! Who knows?? I love squash and gourds, the squash for eating and the gourds for decoration. I love the colors. Yes, too bad you’re too far from your daughter to benefit, Jude!

      1. In the 90’s here too. Ugh is right. Although we did get to go swimming at Assateague (the State Park) yesterday so that was nice. 🙂

  3. We don’t have anything like that variety over here, Cathy! For us it’s just plain old pumpkins (and I hate Halloween 🙂 )
    Nice bread,too 🙂 Got a birthday plan in place yet?

    1. Thanks, Jo. Well, I like looking at the decorations on Halloween, but actually I don’t like dressing up, nor do I particularly like handing out candy. What do I actually like about it anymore….?? I’m not sure!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Cathy. October is a lovely month here in Florida too. It’sbeginning to cool down a bit and the humidity has dropped too. 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying being back home, even if you are crazy busy. xx

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