adam’s two-month cross-country soul-searching trip

Saturday, September 28:  Today, my youngest son Adam, 20, takes off alone on a two-month trip across the United States.  His destination is California, with a stop in Boulder, Colorado.  His plan is to get to San Francisco by Friday, October 4, where he will attend a 3 day C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program: C.H.E.K. Institute: Advanced Training Programs.  According to the website: This three-level program is based upon the techniques that have helped thousands of people increase vitality, decrease stress and sculpt the body of their dreams. Each level looks in increasing detail at the underlying causes of disease and stress, considering the body as a “system of systems.” Using a coaching model, you will learn how disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise.

Adam takes off at the crack of dawn in his VW Jetta
Adam takes off at the crack of dawn in his VW Golf

On November 13, he arrives at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm for a 10-day Permaculture Design Certification Course. According to the website, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm: Permaculture Design Certification Course:

Permaculturists can grow food just about anywhere, repair environmentally damaged lands, design lovely and long-lasting green-buildings, produce power, run successful people-oriented businesses, and build authentic community. All by using fundamental permaculture principles and applying the three Permaculture Ethics:

  1. Care of People
  2. Care of Earth
  3. Share the Surplus

Permaculture is a creative and artful way of designing our lives, where waste become resources, productivity and yields increase, work is minimized, people and nature are preserved. All by thoughtful planning and a respectful approach to life.  Thus embraced, we create an environment where all may thrive for future generations. 

His car loaded up with bananas for breakfast
His car loaded up with bananas & apples for breakfast

In between these two courses, he plans to camp, hike, visit my friend Jayne and her son Nicholas near San Francisco, visit my sister near Los Angeles, and attend a yoga meditation retreat from October 30-November 10 at Dhamma Mahavana California Vipassana Center in North Fork: Dhamma Mahavana California Vipassana Center.

He is determined to chart out a course for his life that embodies the values he finds in these kinds of environments, and we finally decided that there was no point in continuing to insist that he follow the traditional path of going to university.  Even though he is a brilliant boy, one who has always been in gifted & talented programs throughout his school years, he insists that he doesn’t want a traditional education; neither does he want any part of the rat race life we live here in America.  I have to admit I know the truth in his beliefs.  After all, how many of us are truly happy in this life we lead in America, scrambling to get ahead, gain more possessions, and neglect our health and peace of mind?  As his parents, we can only hope that this trip will enlighten him in one way or the other; we hope he can find his passion and evolve into the successful and happy young man that we want him to be.

He’s due to arrive back home by Thanksgiving, at which time we hope to give thanks that he has developed a clearer vision of his life and direction. 🙂


Postscript: While on his trip, Adam decided he wanted to do a two-week internship at Earthship in Taos, Mexico, so he added that on to his journey.  That was due to end on December 13, so the plan changed for him to arrive back home before Christmas instead of Thanksgiving.