seeing my dad in yorktown after a year away

Friday, August 2:  After leaving Sarah in Richmond, I drive down to Yorktown, as always via the Colonial Parkway along the York River.  I arrive at my dad’s house, after not having seen him for the last year while I was living and working in the Sultanate of Oman.  We have a lovely visit, except I’m sad to see him having a hard time getting around now because his knees are breaking down.  He’s 83 years old, so he’s doing well for his age, but I can see just a little slowdown in his movement.

the house where I grew up, in Marlbank Farms, Yorktown, Virginia
the house where I grew up, in Marlbank Farms, Yorktown, Virginia

He seems very happy though and is as talkative as ever; he and his wife Shirley even tell me all the details of my niece Kelsey’s wedding, which I sadly missed on July 13 because I was traveling through Spain and Portugal.  They make me a healthy dinner of pork tenderloin, stuffing with gravy (it’s like Thanksgiving in summer!) and collard greens (such a southern dish) and then Dad shows me his list of hundreds of DVDs he’s recorded, mostly British shows.  I really am glad to see my dad so happy, and I think Shirley is really good for him. They still flirt with each other as if they’re teenagers. 🙂

Dad and his wife Shirley in the front yard
Dad and his wife Shirley in the front yard

I’m trying to slowly but surely reconnect with my family and other people I had in my life before going to live abroad in February 2010, when I went to Korea for a year (catbird in korea) and again in September 2011, when I went to the Sultanate of Oman for nearly two years (a nomad in the land of nizwa).

Dad and me :-)
Dad and me 🙂

I spend the night in my little brothers’ old bedroom in the old house (my old room seems to have become a study/exercise room, although I don’t think anyone ever uses it) and take off on Saturday morning to visit Williamsburg and my old school: The College of William & Mary.

For posts I’ve written about Yorktown and Marlbank Farms, see below:
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an evening in yorktown with dear friends
marlbank farms

I hope to reconnect slowly but surely with everyone I’ve missed in the last two years.  Hopefully, you’ll hear from me soon!

7 thoughts on “seeing my dad in yorktown after a year away

  1. Now that am living abroad I realized how much I miss my family, how much I miss spending time with them and do the everyday stuff… It’s nice to see you reconnecting with your Dad… Must have been a great day for you!

    1. Yes, it’s great to connect with my children and my family, although I’m a little disappointed that I’m the one making all the effort and I’m getting little in return. It’s hard coming back, Elisa! I think it takes time to find your way back!

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