sunday post (on tuesday): from a distance

Tuesday, August 28:  Today is my last day in the USA for a year.  I was only here for less than a month, and it definitely wasn’t enough!!  Now, my vacation in Greece is calling and so is my work at the university in Oman, so I must return tonight. 😦

My plane leaves at 11 p.m. from Washington Dulles International Airport and will arrive in Muscat on Wednesday evening at 10:30 p.m.  It will be a long flight!  My friend Mario is due to pick me up at the airport, at which time we’ll drive to the university so I can pick up my car.  It will probably be 1:00 or 1:30 a.m. before I get home.

Jebel Akhdar.  Right now it's "from a distance," but in a short time, it will be up close and personal!
Jebel Akhdar. Right now it’s “from a distance,” but in a short time, it will be up close and personal!

Hopefully I can sleep when I get there.  Because on Thursday, I need to unpack stuff I’m bringing from the USA for another year, and pack for fun and relaxation in Greece.  I get on the plane again at 6 a.m. on Friday morning heading for Athens.

So, in response to Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post, I am posting a place that I can only see (or not really even see but just imagine) from a distance: Jebel Akhdar in Oman.  By the middle of September, I will be back there for work and will be able to see the lovely Green Mountain from up close.  But for today, here it is, from a distance.

Goodbye America and hello Oman!  And hello to Greece as well.  I will see you all in Oman for one day on Thursday!  Then I’m off again!

I hope you’ll come visit me in Oman: a nomad in the land of nizwa and in Greece: greek wanderings.  I won’t be taking my computer with me to Greece, so probably won’t post anything about my trip until I return back to Oman on September 14.


To participate in Jake’s Sunday Post, see SUNDAY POST: From a Distance.  He writes: Distance Shots : A view in which the subject is a long distance from the camera or appears to be far away; also called a long shot.

31 thoughts on “sunday post (on tuesday): from a distance

  1. Have a wonderful trip (to Oman and to and back from Greece), take lots of pictures and we will wait with baited breath. But, how can you travel without a computer?!

    1. Thank you so much Carol. I always travel without a computer so that I don’t waste time on it. Plus it’s too heavy and I would always worry about losing it, as when I’m in Oman it’s my lifeline to the world. I think an iPad would be great…. that’s on my wish list. Less bulky and then I wouldn’t risk losing my computer!! I will definitely take lots of pictures!! 🙂

      1. Maybe not at 9:21 a.m. as it is here now. I have too much to do in the day ahead. But maybe this afternoon if I head to Muscat to spend the night before my 6 a.m. flight tomorrow!!

      2. if I still had drinkies I would say it’s never to early, lol. It’s 7:25AM here now – so you’re only about 2 hours ahead of us.

      3. I wish. Cats under the bed, can’t run (yet) but I foresee a spell of trolley rage at about 10am when I have to buy supplies. Re the coffee, correct!

      4. really? how so? I dislike it when peeps park in the middle of an aisle and go off somewhere else. you try to squeeze by and they think you are trying to nick their stuff. or when they nick your stuff, your bags, your trolley! or they slam into you, by accident of course.

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