a little gallery of butterflies

Wednesday, August 22:  Today, fluttering around the butterfly bushes in my father’s backyard, I finally was able to take pictures of some Swallowtail butterflies.  I have never before been able to get good photos of these colorful creatures, so I was thrilled!!  Here they are:

Swallowtail butterfly
i love the blue coloring on this one! 🙂

Below is the gallery.  To see a slide show, click on any image.  Some are pictures of just the flowers, others are the butterflies.

7 thoughts on “a little gallery of butterflies

  1. I don’t understand why some people have to pin up these beautiful creatures and call it a collection. So tell you what, let’s pin the next-butterfly-meany against the wall? If pins don’t hold we can use the hot glue gun?

    PS,. Great pics!

    PPS. One day when I die and reincarnate I want to be a butterfly. No-one ever suspects the butterfly, bwohahaha!

  2. I know Marco! I guess people who do that see butterflies as art, they want to capture the beauty for themselves. Just like we want to capture beauty by taking photos, but at least in photography, we don’t have to kill anything! Thanks, too, I’m glad you like the pictures. Haha, I think you’re right, if you became a butterfly no one would suspect you of anything… Should we be suspecting you of something now??? What kind of shenanigans are you up to today? 🙂

    1. But then they might as well staple the Mona Lisa to their wall, eh? Uh people and their mannerisms. Who> Little ol’ me? Getting up to trouble? Nah, the sun is shining, it’s a lovely day – been working all morning and now that I’m done for the day I can sit back and relax (and keep my eye on my laundry). I’ve decided it time to reread Robert Bloch’s Psycho – it’s been years since I’;ve last read it. Oh and by the way, I did not set the neighbours hedge on fire. It was the match’s fault…it lit itself and jumped out of my hand.

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