weekly photo challenge: merge

Friday, August 17:  The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is Merge. The world is made up of many things. There is a saying that opposites attract, and this is true for relationships and other things. What about photography? Many surprises can come out of merging two different entities into one. Sometimes this fusion of the elements is what we call art.

For instance, try placing an object where it does not belong. Or, juxtapose two different objects. The statements they make together may be contradictory, but remember: break the rules and experiment.   Let’s see what you can MERGE in a photo!

Here’s a photo of the merging of water and land in the marshland of Suncheon Bay Ecological Park in South Korea.  The bay is a coastal wetland with a large tidal flat, reed beds and salt marshes nestled between mountains and ribboned with rivers.

Suncheon Bay Ecological Park in South Korea

To read about my trip to Suncheon Bay with my son Alex, see: “handsome boy” visits korea: motherhood revisited.

61 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: merge

      1. Yes, I should imagine if you were paddling around them in a canoe – a bit like your approach to that hidden village i liked so much – the reed beds would be like a forest 🙂

      2. Yes, Wanderlust, it would have been great to paddle around in them. It is a great park though because there are many boardwalks through the reeds and many are shoulder-height. There were no boats here available to paddle in, sadly. I have so many beautiful pictures of this park, but I’ve hardly posted any of them. I should start posting more of my Korea pictures that I never put into my Korea blog. I used to write more text on my blogs and have fewer (& smaller pictures), but now, inspired by all my fellow bloggers, I make my posts more picture-heavy. Here is the post about my first visit to Suncheon Bay; later I went back in December with my son, and the reeds were golden. http://catbirdinkorea.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/digging-deep-edgy-korean-bus-culture-tea-bushes-wetlands-the-surrendered/

      3. I’d love to see some of your photos – sadly I’ve never been to Korea, but I understand it’s a stunning country, and you’ve got a good eye Cat.

        it’s interesting about cutting down on the words – Kate Shrewsbury says 600 is the max people seem to have the time and patience for these days – especially in our blogging world where we want to follow so many different threads of interest. I’ve sure cut down (most of the time!).

      4. Kate Shrewsbury, whoever she is (!), is certainly right. I find that I myself don’t have time to read long wordy posts. I think I will keep my format to lots of big pictures and little text. Maybe I will revisit my Korea blog and start posting a few pictures at a time. If I have time that is! Thanks for the compliment about my good eye. I think it gets better with time and practice, but many of my earlier pictures are just terrible!!

    1. I know Marco! It is pretty unreal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a marshland that looks like this! I love all the circular patterns. Luckily there was a mountain where I could hike up and get that view!

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