a walk along the youghiogheny river to swallow falls

Friday, August 17:  Sadly today is our last day of vacation at Deep Creek Lake.  We have to check out of our cabin tomorrow and head back home to Virginia.  We have a mostly lazy day, prodded in part by a near-constant drizzle all day, but we did take a little walk along the Youghiogheny River to Swallow Falls.

the trail along the Youghiogheny River
cantilevered stones holding up the trees
the Youghiogheny River
some waterfalls on the river
Swallow Falls

Adam on the rocks
looking downriver
Alex takes a dip in the river
mossy rocks and flowers
interesting rock formations
blocks of rocks

Fare thee well, Deep Creek Lake!

13 thoughts on “a walk along the youghiogheny river to swallow falls

    1. Thank you Carol. It’s funny, some of the strange rock formations remind me of Oman, but in Oman, because of no vegetation, they are all laid bare for the world to see. I guess that’s why Oman is a geologist’s heaven. Here, the vegetation is so thick, it’s hard to find the formations under all that green! 🙂

    1. Thanks Robin. It was quite dark in the thick forest along the river, and it even rained a bit while we were there. But my sons are always adventurous enough to jump in no matter what the weather!

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