a cloudy & cool day of wakeboarding and tubing

Wednesday, August 15:  Today is our last day to have the boat, so despite the fact that it’s gray and quite cold, we brace ourselves to enjoy our final hurrah of wakeboarding and tubing.  I don’t wakeboard, but I do get out on the tube for a bit of excitement.  The boys have a great time doing stunts on the wakeboard, especially Adam who likes to take flying leaps and dance in figure eights on the water.

this is our last day with the boat. Cloudy with a chance of chill…
Adam prepares for wakeboarding, and tries to get his nerve up to get in the water on this cold day…
Adam hams it up on the wakeboard
and Alex takes his turn…
Adam being a goofball
Alex ~ all smiles
We stop at our rental place to trade in the wakeboard for the tube
Alex and our tube
me on the boat ready to go tubing
me on the tube
Mike tubing with no hands!
Adam drives the boat while Mike tubes
the boys & their boat

After my turn at tubing, I have the boys drop me at the dock, where I head immediately to the hot tub to warm up.  The rest of the afternoon, I spend reading, relaxing, going through my pictures, posting a blog, and watching the end of Kate and Leopold.  All right, you can see I’m on a Meg Ryan kick, especially since Creekside Cove has a stash of VHS movies that I haven’t seen in ages.

In the early evening, we return the boat and stop at the grocery store, where we load up on vegetables.  At home we make fresh green beans, pasta sauce with yellow peppers and onions, whole wheat penne, and a green salad.  Later we head out to the Lakeside Creamery to get fruit smoothies and then enjoy a couple of card games: Kings Around the Corner and Hearts.  I lose every game we play!  I get cozy in bed and continue reading my book, It’s All Greek to Me! until I happily fall asleep.