mushroom hoagies by alex

Monday, August 13:  Tonight Alex makes some delicious mushroom hoagies.  Usually he makes mushroom tacos, but since we are out of tortillas, he turns the recipe into sandwiches.

First he chops a huge number of mushrooms into tiny pieces.

mushrooms galore: I think a food processor/chopper would have made this less time-consuming!
Alex chops away for a good long time!
Meanwhile, Adam and Bailey play around and I put my feet up!

Mike grates some carrots.  They put the grated carrots and mushrooms into a large saute pan and cook them up.  Alex adds red pepper flakes, chili powder, garlic salt, oregano and some jarred pasta sauce.

After the concoction is steamy, we pile the mixture on a hoagie bun, along with fresh baby spinach, tomato slices, and Goddess dressing, for a delicious vegan sandwich.

the ultimate vegan sandwich
Adam and his sandwich

Afterwards, the boys play some pool, and I begin to watch You’ve Got Mail, with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, until I get sleepy….

13 thoughts on “mushroom hoagies by alex

  1. Oh no, more food! Good looking, too! I find that chopping up is part of the fun! People around me don’t think so when I had the little screaming voices though, ha ha. Imagine the fun when I use the juicer, especially for carrot juice 😀

      1. It does? If only the dog could chase its tail at that speed? Uh – or maybe not. They once said something about patience being a virtue? Not always sure where exactly that gets you?

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