lunch at canoe on the run

Sunday, August 12:  On our way to the Monroe Run Hiking Trail, we make a stop at Canoe on the Run for some lunch. Canoe on the Run is a cute chalet-shaped restaurant that serves great sandwiches and chili, pastries, tea and coffee.  It even offers vegetarian options.  Three of us order veggie wraps, while Adam orders a Portobello mushroom sandwich.  I get myself a long-sleeve t-shirt because it’s quite cool here at Deep Creek, but not cold enough for the heavy-weight sweater I brought along.

Tazo tea & bubble gum for sale
healthy offerings
enticing pastries
the blackboard with the daily specials
Alex and Adam at Canoe on the Run
t-shirts for sale ~ I have to buy a long-sleeved one to keep warm
al fresco dining on the deck

After we eat, we hop into the car to head to Monroe Run Hiking Trail….


7 thoughts on “lunch at canoe on the run

  1. wow you guys over there seem to have many veggie option, I am so jealous. here in SA meat is always in the order of the day. And my favourite: ah you’re vegetarian. can I get you some chicken or fish??? *sigh*

    1. My sons seem to have become quite clever with finding and creating these vegetarian concoctions. As they’re vegan, and don’t eat dairy, it’s actually quite difficult. It seems cheese and eggs are always the order of the day. It’s hard to avoid them. I think I am most comfortable as a pescatarian (and I doubt I will ever give up dairy!) But for this month, I’m giving it a try…

      1. Good for you. It seems very daunting at first – I remember when I quit meat for good, I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope. I’ve never looked back! I’m been consciously trying vegan myself and I never knew how vegan I was anyway. What I miss though, haloumi cheese grilled to perfection.

      2. Good for you, going vegan! I really eat almost vegan anyway, so it’s not that great of a leap for me either. But grilled haloumi cheese, yum. Cheese will always entice me!!

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