kayaking and zucchini burritos

Sunday, August 12:  After returning from our hike, the boys take the kayaks out for a spin around Creekside Cove.

life vests, paddles, Adam & Alex
trekking to the cove
Alex in the kayak
kayaking away on the horizon
my kayaking boys

And later, the boys and Mike make a dinner of grilled zucchini planks with a brown rice, black bean and pinto bean mixture on tortillas.  Very vegan…and very good!  I’m feeling so healthy these days. 🙂

zucchini and brown rice & bean burrito
side view of the zucchini burrito

After dinner, we all play a game of Spades, where Mike and I heartily trounce Alex and Adam: 271 to 92. 🙂  Gone are the days when we let our children win games!


14 thoughts on “kayaking and zucchini burritos

    1. You are so right Marco! And I love quinoa! We’ll have to concoct a quinoa dish when we return to Virginia, after making a trip to Whole Foods. I’ll let you know the outcome.

      1. Good good! Making some tonight, lemony spinachy affair to go with what’s going 🙂 (in the beginning trying to pronounce it was part of the fun)

      2. You’re right Marco, pronouncing quinoa is not an easy feat! What you’re making tonight sounds yummy. Since I can’t come (not that I was invited!), I would sure love to have your recipe!!

      3. You’re welcome to pop in anytime. Can’t say it’s a recipe I follwed (I’m terrible at sticking to those) – I head into the kitchen and improvise left right and center. As for last night’s meal, I think it came out pretty well.

      4. The thingy part is the one that is always so hard to duplicate – it’s never ever quite the same – yet in some way, always better than you recall? Am I making sense?

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