a walk on the monroe run hiking trail

Sunday, August 12:  We pile in the car to drive about 20 miles to the Monroe Run Hiking Trail for an afternoon walk.  Our border collie Bailey is always the first to hop in the car, making sure he doesn’t get left behind.

Bailey waits in the car, determined not to be left behind

After our lunch at Canoe on the Run, we drive through forests and rolling farmland to the Monroe Run Hiking Trail.

Entering the Monroe Run Hiking Trail
boys hiking in the woods
Adam the spear thrower
the road not taken
Monroe Run
mushrooms growing on a tree trunk
a fallen tree overgrown with moss
my hiking shoes and their hike
Alex, Adam, Bailey & Mike
Adam crosses one of many logs over Monroe Run
monkey Adam
Bailey cools off in the creek
Alex, me & Adam
Adam does a handstand
…and Alex follows suit
a lone yellow leaf in a sea of green
Adam up a tree in true acrobatic form
…and Alex, later disappointed that he didn’t climb as high as his brother!

The boys are always happy when they can climb on rocks and fallen tree trunks, climb trees, and hop on stones across a river.  And I’m always happy to see them happy. 🙂


11 thoughts on “a walk on the monroe run hiking trail

  1. Your Bailey and my Bailey have the same face – except my Bailey is all black with lab mixed in with her border collie. She loves a good walk too.

    1. Labs and border collies are such outdoorsy dogs; I think they all love their walks. I noticed before that your Bailey is similar looking to mine, except mine doesn’t have the lab mixture. Our Bailey is getting to be an old man…

  2. great to see people spending time outdoors, together!!! burn the tv and into the woods – march! and it’s so green and so watery – wow, thanks for sharing the amazing pictures.

    1. Thank you Marco! I’m glad to be in a place where I CAN be outdoors. The last several months in Oman have had me hunkered down in my air-conditioned flat!! And I love the green!

      1. Just watch out for grisly bears (are there any in your neck of the wood?) having their picnic – stumble onto it and they might want to eat you!

      2. No grizzlies here, Marco, although I’ve heard we could encounter some black bears. I’m not sure, but I think you’d find the grizzlies in the Rocky Mountains out west. I’ll have to be careful not to get gobbled up by any bears, or giant spiders!

      3. A spider on the one half, nibbling away, a bear on the other – maybe it’s time to go canoeing? here’s to hoping they don’t like water, he he

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