kayaking and zucchini burritos

Sunday, August 12:  After returning from our hike, the boys take the kayaks out for a spin around Creekside Cove.

life vests, paddles, Adam & Alex
trekking to the cove
Alex in the kayak
kayaking away on the horizon
my kayaking boys

And later, the boys and Mike make a dinner of grilled zucchini planks with a brown rice, black bean and pinto bean mixture on tortillas.  Very vegan…and very good!  I’m feeling so healthy these days. 🙂

zucchini and brown rice & bean burrito
side view of the zucchini burrito

After dinner, we all play a game of Spades, where Mike and I heartily trounce Alex and Adam: 271 to 92. 🙂  Gone are the days when we let our children win games!

a walk on the monroe run hiking trail

Sunday, August 12:  We pile in the car to drive about 20 miles to the Monroe Run Hiking Trail for an afternoon walk.  Our border collie Bailey is always the first to hop in the car, making sure he doesn’t get left behind.

Bailey waits in the car, determined not to be left behind

After our lunch at Canoe on the Run, we drive through forests and rolling farmland to the Monroe Run Hiking Trail.

Entering the Monroe Run Hiking Trail
boys hiking in the woods
Adam the spear thrower
the road not taken
Monroe Run
mushrooms growing on a tree trunk
a fallen tree overgrown with moss
my hiking shoes and their hike
Alex, Adam, Bailey & Mike
Adam crosses one of many logs over Monroe Run
monkey Adam
Bailey cools off in the creek
Alex, me & Adam
Adam does a handstand
…and Alex follows suit
a lone yellow leaf in a sea of green
Adam up a tree in true acrobatic form
…and Alex, later disappointed that he didn’t climb as high as his brother!

The boys are always happy when they can climb on rocks and fallen tree trunks, climb trees, and hop on stones across a river.  And I’m always happy to see them happy. 🙂

lunch at canoe on the run

Sunday, August 12:  On our way to the Monroe Run Hiking Trail, we make a stop at Canoe on the Run for some lunch. Canoe on the Run is a cute chalet-shaped restaurant that serves great sandwiches and chili, pastries, tea and coffee.  It even offers vegetarian options.  Three of us order veggie wraps, while Adam orders a Portobello mushroom sandwich.  I get myself a long-sleeve t-shirt because it’s quite cool here at Deep Creek, but not cold enough for the heavy-weight sweater I brought along.

Tazo tea & bubble gum for sale
healthy offerings
enticing pastries
the blackboard with the daily specials
Alex and Adam at Canoe on the Run
t-shirts for sale ~ I have to buy a long-sleeved one to keep warm
al fresco dining on the deck

After we eat, we hop into the car to head to Monroe Run Hiking Trail….

sunday post: close-up

Sunday, August 12:  Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post today is Close-up.  Here are some close-ups of things I saw on my morning walk at Deep Creek Lake.  As I’ve been living in the dry climate of Oman for the last year, I found myself infatuated with green!

leaves & daddy long-legs
mushrooms on moss
moss-covered rock
a strange shaped mushroom
one of the few flowers i encounter on my walk

So many green lush things are to be found in the forest along a mountain lake…. 🙂

a sunday morning walk at deep creek lake

Sunday, August 12:  This morning, after lying in bed for a long while lost in Corelli’s Mandolin, I take a walk around our little shoreline of Deep Creek Lake.

Kayak paddles and life vests on the chairs on our deck

Deep Creek Lake is the largest inland body of water in the state of Maryland.  It covers 3,900 acres and has about 69 miles of shoreline.  Like all lakes in Maryland, it is man-made.  It was constructed in the 1920s for hydro-electric power generation.

the lake from Creekside Cove on Sunday morning
driftwood-looking tree stumps with some weeds growing out of them ~ weird!
our kayaks

Here are some of the lakeside houses I pass during my walk, and their respective docks.  Some of the homes along the lake have interesting names: Under the Moon, Beyond Bliss, Wine & Roses, Serendipity, Drift Away, A Thousand Welcomes, Panacea, It’s a Wonderful Life, Changes in Attitude, Ambiance, Snuggl’Inn, Bedazzled, Changes in Attitude, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, Heaven on Seven, Ski Boots ‘N Bathing Suits, Just Breathe Inn, Minutes to Memories, Casablanca, Dream Catcher, Weather or Not, Imagine That!, Martini Mountain, Da-Ja-View, Wisp Me Away, Peaceful Easy Feelin’, Grin-n-Bear-It, and Hakuna Matata.

the house next door
the next door dock
a big fancy house near the lake

two twig chairs overgrown with weeds
sittin’ on the dock of the bay
a little sandy beach along the lake