we head to deep creek today

Saturday, August 11: Today is Six Word Saturday:


I won’t have internet connection in our cabin, so forgive me if I can’t respond to your comments!  Thanks for visiting!


13 thoughts on “we head to deep creek today

    1. Thanks ad! Where is your daughter living? I thought I wouldn’t have internet in our cabin but surprise, we just found out today the cabin has wi-fi! 🙂 Have fun with your daughter!

      1. Ding ding, jack pot! Looking at your holiday posts – I feel envious – its another cold and wet day in Cape Town. I’m meant to hook up with my sister-in0law at 7am but now I can’t, it’s pouring with rain!

      2. I know what you mean. We always yearn for more pleasant weather, whether we’re stuck in 45 degree heat in Oman or cold and rain in Cape Town or Britain. Here at Deep Creek it’s actually a little cool for water sports, but as I’ve been in Oman for the last year, this cool temperature feels great. I’m even wearing long sleeves and long pants quite happily!

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