arrival at creekside cove

Saturday, August 11:  We arrive at our cozy cabin at Creekside Cove around 4:00.  Most of us have slept the last hour or so, except Mike who is stuck driving, so we’re a little groggy as we climb out of the car to the deck.

the cozy knotted pine living room
the newly renovated kitchen

We’re surprised as we walk into the cabin to find that the kitchen has been totally renovated and is now much more open.  The living room is cozy and full of big fluffy couches and a huge stone fireplace.  We’ve been told the hot tub on the deck is out-of-order but have been assured a new one will be brought in on Monday.  We promptly unload our stuff from the car and head out to explore the dock and our little cove with its dramatic sky on Deep Creek Lake.

the walkway to the lake
the cabin from the outside
Adam strolls down the walkway to the cove
three boys on the dock
the view of the lake from our dock

After we settle in, the boys and I make some tofu sandwiches with grilled asparagus, Asian spices, tomato slices, and all-natural Goddess dressing.

tofu sandwiches with grilled asparagus and tomato slices ~ yummy!
Alex puts together his sandwich
the tofu sandwich with the addition of spinach

Later in the evening we watch some of the Olympics.  I am reading a great book, Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres, which I can hardly put down, so I only watch the Olympics when the boys mention something interesting. Later Alex and Adam play pool, then Mike and I play, and the winners play each other.  Needless to say, I am out in the first round.  A pool player I am not, despite the fact that I played quite a bit of pool when I lived in Korea.

the basement room with the pool table
the pool room, where battles are won and lost

All three boys stay up till midnight watching the Olympics, but I am caught up in Pelagia and Corelli’s world, on the island of Cephallonia in Greece, and I escape to my room to read as much as I can before I drift off to sleep.

sweet dreams for me!

we head to deep creek today

Saturday, August 11: Today is Six Word Saturday:


I won’t have internet connection in our cabin, so forgive me if I can’t respond to your comments!  Thanks for visiting!