pasture ~ another richmond culinary adventure

Thursday, August 9: This evening, to round out a day of intensive shopping, Sarah and I pop into Pasture, a Southern-style tapas restaurant where her long-time friend and roommate Daniel works as bartender.  Though for breakfast and lunch I had eaten a Trader Joe’s veggie burger on whole wheat English muffins, sticking to my mostly vegan diet, I go astray again tonight as we sit at the bar and order some small plates off the tapas menu, accompanied by a glass of Greek red wine.

Sarah and me at Pasture

Billed as a “Southern small plates” restaurant, I feel that the menu doesn’t offer the range of selection that most tapas restaurants offer.  The menu selection in this regard is short on choice, but the larger and more expensive plates are plentiful.  Sarah decides right away that she wants the very creamy pimento cheese snack with Ritz crackers.  I don’t argue and find the richness heavenly.  Daniel convinces us to try the deep-fried pickles, which are a little too heavy for my taste.  But my beet salad and roasted asparagus with a kind of egg-salad consistency hollandaise sauce are both delicious.

Creamy pimento cheese snack with a mini-bag of Ritz crackers
Daniel serves up my Greek wine and beet salad
deep-fried pickles ~ a true southern dish
the healthy, vegan, beet salad
roasted asparagus with an egg-salad consistency sauce

The restaurant’s decor is like an open warehouse with tall ceilings, snappy teal accents, and a dark restored wood behind the bar, fitted with pull-out drawers full of bartending paraphernalia. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the warehouse atmosphere, which seems a little cold.  I think I generally prefer cozy restaurants like the Black Sheep, where we ate last night.

the kitchen at Pasture
in the Pasture
the bar at Pasture
my little sweet pea

7 thoughts on “pasture ~ another richmond culinary adventure

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time over there, yay! Might have to take your kids with when you go back to the land of sand?

    Hmmmm, beet root…

    1. Yes Marco, it’s really great to be home and to spend time with my children. I miss them so much when I’m in Oman! I hope they’ll come visit me, as they did last year for nearly a month. Sooo, I take it you don’t like beets?? 🙂

      1. That sounds great – sharing your life with them.

        Oh n o you got me all wrong, I LOVE it! I steam them like that, pop the skin off and I go crazy! The fresher the better. Hmmm, think I should head off to the shop now…

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