sarah and the black sheep

Wednesday, August 8:  This evening, I head to Richmond, one of my favorite cities in the wonderful state of Virginia, to visit my one and only daughter, lovely Sarah.   Sarah is 28 years old and works as a waitress at Joe’s Inn, an old Richmond establishment.  She takes classes, a few at a time, at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She’s been at this school thing for a long time, and is now officially a junior.  She’s an English major, like her mom, and a foodie.  She loves to cook, to sample the good and plenty restaurants in Richmond, and she writes a food blog: Let me bite that.  She’s actually quite a clever and amusing writer and I hope she’ll update her blog soon!

inside The Black Sheep
Cozy in The Black Sheep

I know I’m in for a culinary delight in Richmond, because Sarah always knows the most fantastic restaurants.  We head tonight to The Black Sheep, an old-fashioned restaurant with a modern edge.  According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, “it serves monumental portions of Southern- and New Orleans-inspired fare that sings of freshness and homemade love.”

As my readers know, I committed to eating a vegan diet while I’m home for the month of August in Virginia.  Of course, Sarah is not vegan, and she immediately orders the mussels and sausage appetizer, which I sample a little too readily.

the mussels and sausage appetizer

It just so happens that The Black Sheep has one of my all-time favorite dishes on the menu, Chicken & Dumplings:  roasted chicken pulled from the bone and homemade herb dumplings in a creamy sauce.   I debate about this for an agonizing few seconds, until Sarah and I come up with a compromise.  She will order the vegan lentil tacos and I will order the chicken and dumplings and we will share.  Then I’m only going half-way off my commitment toward vegan dining.

tempted away from vegan by The Black Sheep’s chicken & dumplings
the vegan lentil tacos might have been good if i had any room for them in my stomach!

Funny this.  It turns out that we both eat off of my plate, gobbling down the chicken and dumplings with barely a pause for air.  She gives me a bite of her lentil tacos, but I’m too stuffed with dumplings to eat more than a bite.  We both eat my entire dish, sopping up the extra creamy sauce with the bread.  So much for my vegan commitment.

The only vegan dish in my meal tonight was my glass of red wine… 🙂

We enjoy catching up since we’ve only talked online possibly 3 times in the last year.  She’s a hard girl to pin down, and it is lovely to spend some girl time with her.