there is no place like home

Saturday, August 4:  Today is Six Word Saturday and here are my six words:


Here are some pictures of my house in Oakton, Virginia.  The house is full of clutter, cozy in a way, but also a little overwhelming.  One of these days we need to clean out all the stuff we have accumulated over nearly 18 years here.

our house in August, overwhelmed by bushes, trees and weeds!
our house, it’s a very very very fine house….
I never thought this bush would grow this large!!
my apple green damask couch, overflowing with pillows that I made back in the day when I was into decorating!
my two purple velvet chairs
a whole bookshelf of short story collections
foyer in green
a little oil painting I had commissioned especially for me ~ back in the day
the kitchen
the blue damask couch in the family room
my room, filled with stuff I’ve collected on my travels…
my Welcome door hanging from Jaisalmer, India
a little Buddha from Siem Reap, Cambodia
ornamental grasses on the corner of our lot

Even with all the clutter in my house, it sure feels great to be home.  Dealing with the humidity (today 70%) in Virginia is really the only drawback… 🙂


12 thoughts on “there is no place like home

  1. It is indeed a “very very very fine house.” I don’t see the ” two cats in the yard” though. 🙂 Love your Welcome door hanging. It’s so beautiful. It’s always great to come home, isn’t it? Enjoy.

  2. A lovely house it is – the kind I think of when I think Virginia. I do love the eastern part of the country, the history, the old buildings, but I do not like the humidity.

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