weekly photo challenge: growth

Friday, August 3:  The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Growth. Plants, animals, people, grow…but so can buildings, shadows, and waves. What can you share that makes the viewer think of growth?

Being August in Virginia, the cornfields are lush with growth.  Here’s one in Aldie, Virginia, with wildflowers in the foreground.

cornfields and wildflowers in full growth
lush green growth is abundant in Virginia’s humidity


10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: growth

      1. i’m sure you are ready for summer Marco, as I am ready for fall! However, I won’t get a fall this year as I will return to Oman where it is HOT all year round…. I love the cold weather myself! Rainy though, I can do without!

      2. too much rain makes you grow, um, growy bits and tentacles and stuff, lol. HOT all year round sounds like Namibia, my home country. There we also have A LOT of sunshine and LOADS of sand – not as much as Omar but close to 🙂

      3. Oh so you are from Namibia? I’ve never been to Africa, except Egypt, which I consider to be more the Middle East. But I’m thinking to travel to Ethiopia in October for our Eid break. It will be my first experience of Africa!! I wonder how south western Namibia will compare to the east??

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