bananas are taking over my house

Friday, August 3:   When I arrive home in Virginia after 10 1/2 months away, I find my house has been taken over by bananas.   Whole grains.  Organic granola.  Organic green lentils.  Kidney beans.  Kiwi.  Fuzzy peaches.  And a blender the size of the Empire State Building.

bananas on our Oriental rug

Those who read my Oman blog may know that my sons, 19 & 21, are vegans.  They are passionate about this choice.  They don’t like the ruthless ways that animals are slaughtered, the way they are raised in unnatural, horribly uncomfortable and close quarters, or the environmental pollution that results from chemicals used on crops grown to fatten the animals.  On a matter of principle, they have chosen to eat no animal products at all.  Although I do not share equally their passion, I do have to say I admire them for it and for their determination to change their lifestyle to fit their beliefs.


I am not a big meat-eater myself;  periodically, I’ll eat chicken, but I love fish, cheese and eggs above all.  Those things I am not likely to give up in the long run.  But for my one month visit home, I have agreed to go vegan with them.  To have a little camaraderie with my boys, to try to be healthy, to possibly lose weight.

organic green lentils, organic kidney beans…..
flaxseed, steel-cut oats, soy yogurt, hummus, vegetable spread: these are the fodder for my one month vegan diet

So, these are pictures of all the food I can find in my house.  Apparently, Whole Foods is making a small fortune off of our family.  The cupboards and refrigerator look relatively barren, compared to when I was here last summer, except for the bags of organic green lentils and kidney beans, whole wheat pastas, tofu, leafy green vegetables, coconut and almond milk, granola, and frozen gluten-free waffles.

almond milk, vegetable broth, and organic orange juice

It’s simple, pared down.  There isn’t a bunch of junk food, although strangely there are some blue corn tortilla chips.

there are no bacon & eggs to be found in this house any more!

There is no cheese to be found.  That is something I will miss during this month at home. 😦  At least wine is still in the picture!

red wine ~ thank goodness it fits under “vegan”!!

10 thoughts on “bananas are taking over my house

    1. Hey Louise! Yes, so far it’s good because the boys have found all kinds of great recipes and are willing to cook! Anything that keeps me from cooking is good with me. Mike is pretty much going vegan, although he has some salmon on the grill every once in a while. How’s everything with you?

  1. I admire those who have the discipline to make such choices, and to stick with them. I fear I am too lazy to do so, but if someone will cook for me, I will eat whatever is prepared.

    1. Yes, it’s great they have such discipline; their mother lacks that kind of discipline for sure! As far as the cooking, I am definitely leaving that to the boys and they are coming through with flying colors.

    1. Adinparadise, It actually is quite healthy and the way my sons cook, it’s delicious! Tonight we had portabello mushroom sandwiches with baby spinach, tomatoes and avocado, with a little brown mustard on a hoagie bun. It was delicious!! And…. I had a couple of glasses of wine to top it off… 🙂

    1. Thanks Marco. It actually is quite good food, as the boys have become quite creative with their concoctions. Tonight we had grilled portabello mushroom hoagies with baby spinach, avocado and tomato, accompanied by corn on the cob. Yummy!! 🙂

  2. I was supposed to go vegan for the month of August, but decided it would have to wait until October because… this is awful… New Baltimore Ice Cream, my favorite ice cream shop, is open until then. I just couldn’t give up the ice cream since I only eat it during the summer months, and even then it’s not usually more than once a month.

    That’s a lot of bananas!!

    1. Ohhh, New Baltimore Ice Cream!! How can you give up that? I know the idea of going vegan is a fine idea, but I am not as passionate about these beliefs as the boys are. I figure I will do it for August, and then after that I will try to stick to it, with periodic exceptions: like ice cream, fish, cheese and eggs! I think it’s unreasonable to expect anyone to give up ice cream in summer!! As far as the bananas, the boys each use 7-8 each morning in smoothies; these energize them for the day apparently! Crazy….

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